Gung Fu for Christ

Here we teach life skills with a special blend of respect and faith.

A Life Skills School

Teaching life skills requires a special blend of respect that is to be earned both from instructor and student alike. Most importantly taught is how to relate these skills learned in the club to life situations, from school etiquette to simple discipline around the home. Simple words like respect, commitment, patience and self-discipline, to mention a few, are often over looked in today’s world. Our goal is to add these traits to every students life skills. While learning these skills self-confidence manifests. Even applying the knowledge of how your body works to sports activities is time well spent.

Faith is a gift.


Over the years I’ve watched as different members of my family have progressed through the system of Modern Gung-Fu with Steve and the others. I’ve seen the confidence and strength built into my children from the beginning that comes from focus and discipline. Now that I attend too, I see that it is a system that meets you where you are physically and builds as you continue. The dedicated staff are really here to help you do your best and I think of my fellow students as my friends now, too.

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- -Sheryl Olson